Udaan 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TvSerialUpdates.blog

The Episode starts with everyone asking Bhaiya ji to drink the water. He refuses. Chakor asks him not to drink water, as they are not stone hearted like him to kill him. She says I will show what would have happened if anyone had this water. She puts water on the plant and shows the plant dying. The villagers get shocked. Bhaiya ji tries to run. Suraj catches him and asks where are you going. Villagers thank Chakor and break the pump. The men beat up Bhaiya ji. Imli says he is a sinner, kill him. Bhaiya ji sees Imli. Chakor stops them and says law will punish him, this time he can’t get saved. Bhaiya ji thanks for saving me but you can’t send me to jail, you have no proof that I added poison in water, I will win this war. She comes in front and says I have proof. She shows the ring and says this is first proof, I got this where I was stabbed, its your ring, this is the proof that you were present there, Suraj didn’t knew this, but now entire village knows this. Suraj shouts Kamal narayan and holds his neck. He scolds Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji says you can’t do anything, this is not any solid proof. Suraj says I will kill you, I will feed you that poisonous water. He asks Bhaiya ji to drink the water. He scolds Bhaiya ji and says your state will be like that plant. Chakor asks Suraj not to do this. Suraj asks her not to get in between today. Chakor asks do you want a bad future for us. Suraj says he tried to kill you, he stabbed you once, why shall I wait now, he played with our trust, he should die, he is a devil, he is a curse for us. Bhaiya ji says I m your father. Suraj says no, you are Yamdood. Chakor throws the water. Suraj says you would have let me feed this water to him. Chakor says you should learn a lesson from him, you think of shaping your child’s future. Bhaiya ji goes away. She says he has few days left now, he will go jail. Bhaiya ji threatens all of them and runs. Suraj says he will never change. Everyone apologizes to Chakor.

Its night, Pakhi goes to Suraj and knocks at the window. Suraj wakes up and sees her. He gets her in. She says Imli’s goons are keeping an eye on me, listen to me carefully, whatever is happening with you, Imli is behind this, she is with Bhaiya ji, she wanted you to die and Chakor to marry Ranvijay, she hates you, she never wanted you both to come back, she turned more evil than Bhaiya ji, she threatened to kill me, I had to tell this to you. He gets shocked and says I will kill you Imli. Imli wakes up from this dream. She sees Pakhi infront of her. Pakhi says I didn’t tell anything to Suraj, I told Chakor about Bhaiya ji as you told me. Imli asks why did you come here. Pakhi says your work is done, now remove the goons, my family is troubled. Imli says fine, be careful, if you do mistake and tell people about me, you won’t be spared. Pakhi agrees. She goes.

Kasturi gets Chakor and makes her sit. Chakor asks who got this swing. Tejaswini says Suraj decorated this for you. Kasturi says Suraj loves you a lot. Chakor says yes, he gives me happiness always. Imli looks on and recalls Vivaan. She says I got late in getting ready. Imli tells Chakor that she got something from Bhaiya ji’s cupboard. She gives her the knife and says its same knife by which he stabbed you. Chakor gets shocked. Imli says its such a big proof.

Chakor threatens Bhaiya ji by showing the knife. Suraj says Ranvijay kept a lawyer, police said if anyone doesn’t give statement, he will get freed. Chakor asks him to go, Ranvijay shouldn’t get free. Suraj hugs her and leaves.

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