Udaan 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pakhi goes missing

Udaan 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pakhi goes missing

Udaan 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TvSerialUpdates.blog

The Episode starts with Imli giving the knife to Chakor. Chakor says its good you got this, else it would be tough to stop Suraj. Suraj comes. Ladies stop him. He says its not fair, my wife is pregnant, its her godh bharai. He tells Chakor that Pakhi has to tell something to him. Imli hears this and goes. Tejaswini says its good way to meet Chakor this way. Kasturi says he has decorated the swing for Chakor, Suraj can meet her. Ladies discuss. Suraj silently goes to Chakor. He asks her is she blushing. He says the ladies are discussing about allowing men in godh bharai function or now. He kisses her hand. He says I will not fight, because I have bent my head in front of this Devi. Tu meri pehli dua…..plays….. She looks at him. He kisses her.

Mahiya…..plays…. She happily cries. He moves the swing and says every husband gives vows on marriage, I thought to give vows today. The ladies come there and look on. Suraj holds Chakor’s hand and says I will not fight with you now, you were my lover and then wife, now you are my would be child’s mum, I will love you a lot, I wil always protect you and our child, I will fulfill all your dreams. He says I will show my last vow. He gets a gift for her. She sees a house model. They get emotional. She says you have given me a lot more than my expectations, but I have nothing to give you, I can give you a promise, that I will make this dream model a home, this doesn’t mean I won’t fight for people’s right, tell me do you accept this Chakor. He says yes, I want this Chakor and such love.

Imli asks kids about Pakhi. She tells someone that Pakhi is not here, its imp to find her, Bhaiya ji is doing arrangements to kill Chakor. The ladies laugh seeing Suraj and Chakor. Suraj gets a call and asks what, right now, how can I come. Chakor asks what happened. Suraj says Ranvijay kept a lawyer, police said if anyone doesn’t give statement against him, he will get saved, one of us have to go court. Chakor says I will go, if he gets free, he will take revenge. He asks how can you go, I have to go, but how. Chakor says you shall go, he shouldn’t get free, everyone is there with me, if Ranvijay gets free, he will kill his mum and sisters.

Kasturi says Suraj you go and put that devil in jail, we are with Chakor. Suraj says I don’t want to leave you and go, when we are much happy, some big hurdle comes, you taught me duty is bigger than love, take care, promise me you won’t show any heroism in Bhaiya ji’s case. She nods. He talks to baby and gets leaving. His watch gets stuck to her dress. The lady says I think your baby is not letting you go. They smile. Chakor asks him to go. Suraj leaves. He turns to see her. She waves bye to him. He waves and leaves. She cries. Tejaswini says don’t get sad, he will come soon, we will do the rasam.

Bhaiya ji comes and says yes, start…. He gets shagun and congratulates Chakor. Imli looks for Pakhi. She gets a call and asks what, they took her to godown. Tejaswini scolds Bhaiya ji. He asks her to forget it. She throws the shagun and says you added poison in kheer, maybe you added something in this gift too. Chakor says thanks for all the gifts, I think its my turn this time. She shows the knife. He recalls stabbing her. She says the murderer’s fingerprints are still on this knife. He gets shocked.

Imli tells everyone that Bhaiya ji kidnapped Pakhi. Bhaiya ji says Chakor will come to save you, I will kill her. Chakor says Suraj will not leave you. Bhaiya ji shoots her.

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