Udaan: Imli's shootout for Chakor, Sooraj turns savior 

Udaan: Imli's shootout for Chakor, Sooraj turns savior 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is up for some interesting twist and drama. 

Imli's truth gets exposed infront of all and Chakor had played her smart move, Ranvijay even stands against Imli.

Imli now has a plan to escape and captivates Chakor to get out of police and Azadganj villagers trap.

Imli will take Chakor to vacant place and attempt to shoot her and accuses Chakor for spoiling everything.

Sooraj and Chakor's victory over Imli, Ranvijay

Imli was about to shoot Chakor when Sooraj will come to Chakor's rescue and will save her and thus villagers will also attack over Imli.

While Imli manages to escape with car accident confusion for Chakor and Azadganj villagers.

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