Udaan: New challenge cum Agnipariksha for Suraj and Chakor

Udaan: New challenge cum Agnipariksha for Suraj and Chakor

Colors TV Serial Udaan has finally dug up the twists and turns in the series.

Suraj and Chakor new life has begun in Azadganj where they are seen upbringing their daughter Saanvi.

While demolishing all old thoughts and social evils, Suraj and Chakor have invented new Azadganj full of happiness and joy and a secure place for girls.

But yet some of the people of Azadganj are still living in that old generation.

It was earlier seen that how Chakor praised Gauri hand knitting work and planned to use Gauri aka other girls talent so that they could earn good and Suraj business could also get some profit.

Apparently Gauri starts knitting designs and Chakor praises her work that shockingly Chaggan comes and bursts on Gauri for doing useless work leaving her home.

Suraj and Chakor mission begun

Suraj and Chakor get hell shock seeing Chaggan weird attitude and useless talks that Gauri leaves from there getting disappoint.

Will Suraj and Chakor ever change Azadganj people mentality even after years ago of freedom?

Let see how Suraj and Chakor will begin their new mission after they decided to change People mentality?

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